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Quick Facts on Brain Cancer

Brain cancer occurs when cancerous cells arise in brain tissue and form a mass of cancer tissue, known as a tumor. The tumor will begin to interfere with brain functions, such as muscle control, sensation, memory and other body functions. Statistics show that about 22,000 new people will develop brain cancer every year, and about 13,000 people die annually due to brain cancer.

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Brain Tumor Grades

Brain tumors are assigned a grade, depending on how cells in the tumor look microscopically. The grade assigned to the brain tumor also allows a person to know the cell’s growth rate.

  • Grade I tumor – tissue is benign and cells almost look like normal brain cells growing slowly.
  • Grade II tumor – tissue is malignant and cells look less like normal cells.
  • Grade III tumor – malignant cells look extremely different than normal cells and are growing somewhat quickly with a distinctly abnormal appearance.
  • Grade IV tumor – looks very abnormal and grows at a rapid rate.

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