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US/MRI Fused Trans-Perineal Biopsies

Traditional prostate transrectal biopsies are by far the most frequently used method to diagnose prostate cancer. At Desert Prostate Specialists, we have significantly advanced the prostate biopsy procedure to a trans-perineal, not trans-rectal, method using MRI/Ultrasound fusion and 3D reconstruction to achieve a safer, painless and more comprehensive procedure. How Does it Work? Under general outpatient anesthesia, in the surgery center, an ultrasound transducer is inserted into the rectum. Images are obtained and fused with the patient’s MRI scan in real time. Then, a template is attached to the transducer to use as a guide for the biopsy needle. This needle is then inserted through the template between the scrotum and rectum and into the perineal skin to access the prostate gland samples. This is all done under computer guidance and visualized on a large screen TV in the operating room where 3D reconstruction of the prostate occurs.


How do Patients Benefit?

Because the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, the procedure is painless. As no needle is inserted into the rectum and the biopsy is performed in a surgery center, the procedure is safe with very little risk of bleeding or infection. We are able to obtain biopsies from regions of the prostate gland that are only accessible through the trans-perineal technique. Finally, because the procedure uses MRI/Ultrasound fusion and there is genetic testing follow-up of benign results, this type of biopsy is far more comprehensive. We get the answers we need about your condition.

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