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Quick Facts on Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer often develops in gland cells, which make prostate fluid that’s added to semen. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of prostate cancer and accounts for 95% of all prostate cancer. Most prostate cancers grow slowly, but some can rapidly grow and spread. Some autopsy studies show that many older men who died of other diseases actually had prostate cancer, but it never affected them during their lifetime.

Finding the Treatment for You

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are various treatment options from which you can choose. Prior to beginning treatment, Desert Prostate Specialists and the Prostate Seed Center LLC will first determine the stage or degree of your prostate cancer’s progression. After the degree of your cancer is discovered, we will use specific protocols for low-risk, intermediate and high-risk patients, as well as for patients who have reoccurring prostate cancer.

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Three-Dimensional Biopsy with MRI Fusion

At Desert Prostate Specialists and the Prostate Seed Center LLC, we specialize in painless, accurate, three-dimensional and safe biopsies. This is achieved through the use of interstitial perineal template technology, under light general anesthesia, combined with Multiparametric MRI/ultrasound fusion in real time. We never biopsy through the rectum, only through the skin.

This allows us to observe any abnormalities within your prostate, as it relates to cancer, using three-dimensional techniques that are far superior to the current two-dimensional blind trans-rectal biopsies. As a result, these biopsies not only cover the entire prostate gland more thoroughly than the current techniques, but they are also targeted toward any abnormal areas visualized.

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