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Prostate Cancer Treatment Options in Rancho Mirage, CA

At Desert Prostate Specialists, we strive to make your prostate cancer treatment process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our freestanding treatment center places high priority on providing a warm and comfortable environment with caring staff and affordable treatment options. Compared to other facilities and hospitals, our treatment options are more affordable and completely unique, thanks to our freestanding status. Dr. David Schreiber specializes in developing new cancer treatments and techniques, including a three-dimensional biopsy with MRI fusion. Desert Prostate Specialists is one of the only facilities in the country using this state-of-the-art prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment tool and Dr. Schreiber is the only radiation oncologist in the country performing this type of biopsy. It’s important for you to pursue the highest quality of care, and that’s where we can help.

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Understanding Your Prostate Cancer Risks & Options

The professionals at Desert Prostate Specialists understand that being diagnosed with cancer is overwhelming and scary. After we review your biopsy results, your prostate cancer will be classified as either very low risk, low risk, intermediate risk, or high risk. From there, we will determine the most effective treatment for you. Every patient is different, and every treatment is specialized. If your cancer is classified as very low-risk, it’s possible you may not require any prostate cancer treatment. We will consult with you regarding benefits and risks of moving forward regarding a treatment plan. For all other risk categories, Desert Prostate Specialists recommend prostate cancer treatment, which may include brachytherapy with ultrasound/MRI fusion techniques.

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What Are My Prostate Cancer Treatment Options?

When it comes to prostate cancer, treatment typically includes brachytherapy with ultrasound/MRI fusion techniques. Sometimes, a combination of these techniques with other modalities is utilized in treatment plans. Brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy where a radioscope is inserted into a tumor to deliver intense, precise doses of radiation. While both temporary and permanent types of brachytherapy exist, Desert Prostate Specialists uses permanent brachytherapy in the form of seed implants, which is a one-time procedure performed in less than an hour. It has the highest cure rate, produces the least toxicity, and is the lowest cost treatment. A specialized form of brachytherapy called focal brachytherapy employs the ultrasound/MRI fusion techniques as well. This form of radiation therapy is only appropriate for patients that have cancer on one side of their prostate gland. To learn more about your prostate cancer treatment options, call Desert Prostate Specialists today.

Compassionate Cancer Care in Rancho Mirage, CA