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What Is Seed Implant Treatment?

Seed implant treatment is an effective prostate cancer treatment offered by the Desert Prostate Specialists. This type of treatment has demonstrated equivalent survival rates when compared to surgery out to 20 years, but impotency and incontinence rates are far lower. Seed implant treatment takes a few hours and catheters aren’t typically necessary after. Seeds are implanted through a tiny, hollow needle, which is inserted through the skin and into the prostate gland. We perform the procedure in a sterile environment, and most patients go home within two to three hours after the procedure. Seed implant treatment permanently places radioactive pellets into the prostate gland. The radioactive material is encased in titanium though, so it does not react with the body.

Seed implant treatment in Rancho Mirage, CA

What Will My Seed Implant Treatment Plan Be?

Prior to your seed implantation procedure, you will undergo a special ultrasound scan coupled with staging studies and tests to determine a target volume. From this determined target volume, a computer-generated seed placement plan is created. This plan will show where each seed will be specifically placed. Dr. David Schreiber, M.D. will then modify the plan to fit your exact anatomy. All seed implant treatment plans are reviewed by a radiation dosimetrist and Dr. Schreiber before final approval. The physician and brachytherapy dosimetrist at Desert Prostate Specialists have extensive background and experience in the discipline of therapeutic radiation oncology, so you can rest assured knowing you are in safe, capable hands.

Seed implant treatment center in Rancho Mirage, CA

Why Should I Choose Seed Implant Treatment?

While many prostate cancer treatment options have come and gone over the last 20 years, seed implant therapy has remained. Additionally, no other prostate cancer treatment has been able to match the long-standing efficacy and low toxicity of seed implant therapy. By implanting the seeds, we can give a higher dose of radiation without risking damage to the surrounding tissue and organs. Additionally, side effects are greatly reduced, recovery time is lessened, and the procedure only requires you to be in the surgery center for a few hours. Our experienced and qualified team can determine the way for the radiation to be delivered for you, without additional side effects. To learn more about seed implant treatment, call Desert Prostate Specialists today.

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