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Rancho Mirage and Coachella Valley Cancer Treatment Options

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options in Rancho Mirage & Coachella Valley

Desert Prostate Specialists and the Prostate Seed Center LLC is a free-standing treatment center that places a high priority on providing a warm, caring environment. Our free-standing status also provides more affordable and totally unique treatment options compared to other facilities and hospitals. Dr. Schreiber specializes in developing new treatments and practicing special techniques in the ongoing battle against cancer, including:

  • Brachytherapy using Ultrasound/MRI Fusion
  • Focal Brachytherapy using Ultrasound/MRI Fusion
  • Ultrasound/MRI Fusion Techniques for biopsy of prostate cancer


A form of radiation therapy where a radioisotope is inserted into the tumor and delivers intense, precise doses of radiation. Both temporary and permanent types of brachytherapy exist involving one-time procedures and long-term procedures. Radioactive material is placed inside cancerous tissue and positioned in a manner to efficiently attack cancer safely while reducing long-term side effects.  In our office, we use permanent brachy therapy in form of seed implants (a one time procedure performed in less than an hour) to treat prostate cancer as the results obtained are unsurpassed when it comes to the highest cure rate with the least toxicity coupled with the lowest cost.

Focal Brachytherapy

A specialized form of brachytherapy to the prostate gland which only treats the affected side of the gland using our Ultrasound/MRI fusion techniques.  This form of brachytherapy is only appropriate for patients determined to have disease on one side of the gland as diagnosed through our interstitial perineal ultrasound/MRI fused mapping biopsy technique.  Traditional trans-rectal ultrasound guided biopsies are not adequate to determine suitability.  As a result, we represent only a handful of appropriately trained physicians in this country qualified to perform this procedure.  Cure rates are similar to the high cure rates our patients enjoy with traditional brachy therapy used for more extensive disease, but side effects are only half as likely.

Brachytherapy has proven effective in treating prostate cancer and lowering incidences of impotence and incontinence in male patients, returning them to normal activities just days after treatment. Patients with localized (organ-confined) cancer are advised to receive this type of treatment.

Desert Prostate Specialists and the Prostate Seed Center LLC’s Dr. Schreiber specializes in brachytherapy techniques and has performed up to 5,000 of these procedures over the last 37 years. He continues to develop medical devices that have contributed to new and innovative brachytherapy techniques.