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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Rancho Mirage and Coachella Valley

The professionals at Desert Prostate Specialists understand that being diagnosed with any type of cancer is overwhelming and scary; therefore, we want to make the prostate cancer treatment process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. It’s important for you to pursue the highest quality of care that will create the best survival chances possible, and that’s where Desert Prostate Specialists can help.

Desert Prostate Specialists is a freestanding treatment center that places a high priority on providing a warm, caring environment. Our freestanding status also provides more affordable and totally unique treatment options compared to other facilities and hospitals. Dr. Schreiber specializes in developing new treatments and practicing special techniques in the ongoing battle against cancer, including his innovative three-dimensional biopsy with MRI fusion. Desert Prostate Specialists is the only facility in the country using this state-of-the-art prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment tool.

Understanding your prostate cancer risks and options

After we review your biopsy results, your prostate cancer will be classified as either very low risk, low risk, intermediate risk, or high risk. From there, we will work with you to determine the best, most effective treatment for you. Every patient is different; therefore, every treatment is specialized.

If you fall in the very low-risk category, you may not require any prostate cancer treatment. However, we will consult with you regarding the benefits and risks of moving forward with a treatment plan. For all other risk categories—low, intermediate, and high—Desert Prostate Specialists recommends prostate cancer treatment, which may include brachytherapy and ultrasound/MRI fusion techniques for biopsy.

Prostate cancer treatment using brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy in which a radioisotope (i.e., a seed implant) is inserted into the tumor and delivers intense, precise doses of radiation. Temporary and permanent types of brachytherapy exist involving both one-time procedures and long-term procedures. Radioactive material is placed inside cancerous tissue and positioned in a manner to efficiently attack cancer safely while reducing long-term side effects.

Brachytherapy has proven effective in treating prostate cancer and lowering incidences of impotence and incontinence in male patients, returning them to normal activities just days after treatment. Patients with localized (organ-confined) cancer are recommended to receive this type of treatment.

Desert Prostate Specialists’ Dr. Schreiber specializes in brachytherapy techniques and has performed up to 5,000 of these procedures over the last 36 years. He continues to develop medical devices that have contributed to new and innovative brachytherapy techniques.

Prostate cancer treatment using ultrasound/MRI fusion techniques

Dr. Schreiber employs his innovative three-dimensional MRI fusion method during brachytherapy, using it to guide the accurate placement of seed implants. Dr. Schreiber developed this painless, safe, and accurate biopsy technique. In this method, the prostate is precisely mapped using MRI/ultrasound fusion technology and an interstitial perineal template, under general anesthesia. Rest assured, biopsies at Desert Prostate Specialists are never done through the rectum, only through the skin. Desert Prostate Specialists treats hundreds of patients each year using this prostate cancer treatment method, making us the most advanced and active seed implant program in the county.

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